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We serve what we speak. We stand for truthfulness and fairness. Shiv Shakti Murti Arts is a 51 years old firm, started by Late Pt. Tulsi Ram Natha and his sons, who are having a vast experience in this field. We put our breath holding hard work to bring a stone alive. We are the exporter and manufacturer of all types of religious marble Murties, Bust, Statues, Portraits, Handicrafts and other Marble Items.

We are one of the best marble murti dealers in India, and embarked our presence from allover India to United States of America, Canada, Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Chicago, Switzerland and various other nations.

We are having a very strong foundation, as we have learnt this art from our ancients and our whole family is having mastery in various categories of this art, like Mr. Rajendra Kumar Natha son of late Pt. Tulsi Ram Natha who is presently heading this organisation along with his son Pushpendra Natha, is having excellence in manufacturing marble murti, similarly others are also having excellence in painting, finishing and other related art work. And this is more strengthened by having quality engineers for manufacturing large size marble murties, quality Chartered accountants for managing accounts and legal work and other experts. We also have in house transportation system & in house packaging department, therefore movement is quite smooth and safe.

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Our offerings

Marble God Idols

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Religious Marble God Idols.

Marble Murties / Sculptures

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Marble Human Statues.

Marble Temple Work

We are the manufacturer and supplier of Marble Temples.

Marble Jali & Railings

We are the manufacturer and supplier of various other marble handmade items.

Quality & Commitment

Rajendra Kumar Natha


I have had first hand experience of this business and have gained vast knowledge for it as well since, this art was inherited by us from our ancestors. Therefore quality is utmost priority.

Late Pt. Tulsi Ram Natha


Unfortunately he is not with us now, but he blessed his team with the art which enables us to deliver what we say.

Pushpendra Natha


Pursuing the highly prestigious CA course, and a CA final student hence, enough knowledge about the accounting and financial aspects and have learned via training on how to master efficiency, effectiveness and economy. Therefore providing the customer with optimum benefits possible.

Kusum Natha


With her excellent managment skills, order completion and delivery at time is enough applausing.

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